ostatnia wizyta: 2012-01-11 20:50:46

Płeć: Kobieta
Wiek42 lat
Znak zodiaku:Ryby
Stan cywilny:panna
Lokalizacja: Polska, Wielkopolskie, Poznań

Wygląd & charakter

Kolor włosów:blond
Kolor oczu:niebieski
Stosunek do palenia:nie palę
Alkohol:piję okazyjnie
Dzieci:Nie mam ale chcę mieć

O mnie

I'm a very attractive, Polish girl, who is 33 but feeling and looking much younger! I'm goofy, love smiling, talking and meeting new people. I'm very sincere and once I'm with the right guy I'm devoted to him in 100%!! I hate liars!!! I'm a good friend and a good listener. My hobbies are: sports(mostly aerobics, swimming), I also like going to the theatres and see good movies! I love traveling. So far I visited some countries here in Europe and the US and Canada. For living, I am a teacher and enjoy working with kids. I have a few friends in different parts of the world. And I believe love can be found ANYWHERE, not necessarily in the place you live at! I'm 5'5 tall, I used to run in high school, and still am trying to keep fit, and therefore my body is slim and I can eat a lot and it would still look the same :) My eyes are the most wonderful you've ever seen, lol and go so well with my beautiful blond hair, lol


Well, since there are so many freaks out there and it's almost impossible to find somebody decent in the street, I'm hoping (and therefore I'm here!!)to find a decent man who would be the love of my life, who would be my soul mate and my best friend. He doesn't have to be a supermodel, as those are sometimes just names. He would be tall(well, taller than me), family oriented(likes kids and animals-I love dogs!!), and not a coward or a player. If he is catholic, that would be a good thing, if I add here that he wouldn't smoke that would be awesome! He can drink, but just occasionally, I don't want to deal with drinking problems in the future. I want a ONE girl man and a man who is committed to me ONLY. If he likes cuddling, going for walks that would be so great!!! Moving doesn't scare me, so men from all over the world are welcome. Just looking for love for a lifetime!!! Only serious emails please!! Well, I guess that would be it for here. May add something later. As for the pic, I would send you one once we talk and you will decide whether or not you want to meet me in person. Hope to hear from somebody REAL!!!!!